And by “save,” we mean more than money. Morgan Planning Group can save you time, free up critical resources, and spare you a world of uncertainty by unifying everything from benefits administration and property & casualty insurance to retirement planning and business strategy.

Count on us to see the big picture – and the tiniest details. Our 360° approach to addressing your needs ensures steady progress toward managing your strategic objectives, while satisfying every requirement along the way.

It’s not just that the world is constantly changing. Your business and needs never stop evolving. Morgan Planning Group brings concerted strategy, constant vigilance, and proactive protection to safeguard your people, property, and assets. And we do it with total dedication and white-glove service. Our goal: to simplify and demystify benefits, insurance and finance so that you can focus your skills where they’ll earn the greatest return.

Employee Benefits Plans

Solutions for every organization

50+ Employees

From unique regulations to negotiable pooled products, larger organizations deal with complex compliance issues and shifting variables in the benefits arena.

< 50 Employees

As a small business ourselves, we understand the unique insurance challenges you face, and we draw on our “in your shoes” experience to solve them for you.

Comprehensive services

• Strategic planning

• Benefits audits

• Identifying cost savings opportunities

• Competitive bidding and implementation

• Vendor liaison services

• Employer & employee enrollment documents

• Live census

• Change of employee information or termination documents

• COBRA administration

• Sourcing & design of HRIS & benefit enrollment systems

Specialized experience with professional practice groups

Our wealth of experience and insight makes us an indispensable ally – able to simplify and streamline daily operations, optimize resources, and advance your strategic objectives. Present and past clients include:

Law firms
Accounting practices
Trucking companies
Construction & skilled labor
Printing & promotional companies

Case Study

Expanding coverage, shrinking costs

150,000 in premium savings rate and renewal guarantee


We met with a potential large employer to review their benefit package and costs ahead of their next renewal. Upon review, we discovered large increases in some lines of their coverage year after year. Broker compensation was also much higher than normal market rates. The company needed to overhaul its benefit package.


We put together a comprehensive solution that reduced premium costs through competitive quoting and ensured greater predictability with multi-year rate guarantees. Since we utilize and quote with all major carriers instead of only a few, we could secure this through our market access to help the employer drive costs down and put broker compensation in line with groups of their size. We also came up with a comprehensive strategy to assist in the management of the client’s COBRA, FMLA, and benefit administration.


Delivering a package with better contract terms, rate and renewal guarantees, lower costs, and broker compensation in line with the industry saved the client over $150,000 in premiums over the next year compared to the renewals presented by their legacy provider. We also saved them time, money, and compliance headaches by taking away their in-house COBRA administration, outsourcing their FMLA, and assisting with benefits plan administration and employee communications.

Our Library is your library

Morgan Planning Group clients have access to a wide array of resources to educate employees, assist HR personnel, promote wellness and advance your organizational vision. A sampling of topic areas:

  • Health care reform
  • Plan design
  • Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Workplace wellness
  • Benefits communication

Tools for streamlining enrollment

Benefit enrollment is a lot easier when employees have all the information they need, presented in a manner they can understand.  We can provide your HR personnel with customized materials that cover all the bases, including:

  • Medical
  • Preventative care benefits
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short-term disability
  • Retirement plans
  • Long-term disability
  • Life insurance
  • Premium payment details
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Required notices & disclosures
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Retirement Planning

Make retirement work for your business.

Your business benefits directly from having the right retirement plan offerings, well-administered and up-to-date. From the long-term financial security they help produce to the immediate tax advantages and other incentives they can provide, retirement plans can be a key differentiator for your business or practice group.

Morgan Planning Group helps you craft the optimal plan for your group – one that takes into account your size, business philosophy, the nature of your organization, and the resources you have to invest. Count on us also for superior guidance and assistance, so that it’s easy for plan sponsors and your participants to navigate your plans policies, procedures, and tools.

Among our services:

• Comprehensive 401(k), 403(b), Defined Benefit Plan, Cash Balance Plan, Profit Sharing Plan, Solo 401(k) and 403(b) administration

• Enrollment assistance meetings and participant resources to help boost employee engagement

• Plan design assessments

• Monitoring and analysis of plan investments, assisting with preparation of Investment Policy Statements (IPS), and helping you adhere to it with committee meetings and creating proper documentation

• Target Date Fund suitability evaluation to make sure you have the best fit for your plan and limit risk

• Fee benchmarking and provider analysis to provide transparency to plan sponsors and participants

• Education and meetings to help participants allocate resources prudently and better utilize their retirement plan

• Newsletters, meetings and webinars

Tell us about your unique needs, and together we can craft a retirement plan that actively advances your business goals.

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Commercial Insurance

Risk, managed.

You know you need coverage to protect against property damage, income loss and liability. What may not be so clear is how much coverage you need. Where are you most vulnerable? And how can you best manage the risk going forward, so that whatever happens, you’ll be protected?

Count on Morgan Planning Group for cost-effective solutions that provide both confidence and the freedom you need to manage your business effectively. And for even greater efficiency and security, combine Morgan Planning Group’s commercial property and casualty coverage with our life and health insurance and retirement planning solutions. Our understanding of your larger business will give us actionable insight into providing the best coverage at the best possible price.

Commercial Insurance

Whether your business is large or small, whether you own or rent your property, commercial insurance is essential for the viability of your enterprise and the protection of your ownership interest. Morgan Planning Group offers coverage to meet every need, and we have the experience to help you determine where your vulnerabilities lie and the most efficient way to address them. We provide the following types of insurance:


Morgan Planning Group can help protect your buildings – and most everything in them – from a wide variety of misfortune, including fire, theft, business interruption and more. We work with you to determine the value of your assets and where you may be at risk. And then we craft the coverage to defend you.

General liability

Protection against claims or suits by customers, clients and other third parties for bodily injury, property damage or personal and advertising injury.

Business owners policy (BOP)

Combining business property and business liability insurance into one policy, BOP insurance provides broad coverage for fire, theft, lawsuits, and loss of income. It’s invaluable for any business that has employees, runs any risk of customer lawsuits, has a physical location, has assets that can be stolen or damaged, or is at risk of data loss/theft. Since every business is unique, Morgan Planning Group can tailor a Business Owner’s Policy to meet your specialized requirements.

Commercial auto

This covers potential liability and damage related to business vehicles. As they are typically exposed to more risk than personal vehicles, separate coverage is required. Morgan Planning Group can customize your coverage to keep your rates low and coverage consistent.

Professional liability

Designed to protect business professionals from claims of negligence of misconduct related to the services they provide, this is often referred to as errors and omissions insurance. It is an important safeguard in case a professional’s services lead to errors that can cause financial or indirect loss for their clients. Among those who need professional liability insurance are consultants, attorneys, engineers, architects, real estate agents, insurance agents, accountants and home inspectors.

Cyber liability

Any business that is technology dependent faces cyber risk, such as data breaches and cyber attacks, which can result in lost income, costs associated with informing customers who have been affected by a breach, data recovery costs, costs for repairing damaged computer systems, and more. Cyber liability insurance can be customized with a wide range of options to match your level of risk.

Bond insurance

Many contracts these days require assurances that performance will be delivered. Sometimes, that is in the form of a surety bond, construction bond, or even a 401(k) bond. Regardless of the situation, Morgan Planning Group has the knowledge and relationships within the industry to help provide you with the assurances on implementing and successfully executing all of your bond needs.

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)

A type of liability insurance that covers wrongful acts related to the employment process, EPLI policies reduce a business’s vulnerability to workers’ claims that their legal rights as employees have been violated. Typical categories of claims include wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation.

Workers’ compensation analysis

Morgan Planning Group analyzes your business and identifies ways to avoid or eliminate occupational illness or injury; keeping your workers safer and helping you to minimize your insurance premiums. Let us provide a workers’ compensation analysis and comprehensive report for your business.


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Wealth Management & Business Strategy

It’s your legacy. We’ll help you protect it.

From succession planning to wealth management, Morgan Planning Group can help you preserve the value of your assets and position them to keep on earning. Our 360° approach to understanding the structure and objectives of your organization helps maximize the value you can realize from what you have built.

Businesses face particular challenges at every stage of growth, and we can help you address each of them at the right time, and also revisit your needs as they evolve. Among our services:

Buy/sell strategies

Morgan Planning Group leverages immense experience to help owners create strategies around their buy/sell arrangements that protect their interests, ensure the ongoing viability of your business, prevent potentially destructive disputes, and provide invaluable peace of mind.

Business exit strategies

We help realize maximum value from the sale of a business by working with you first to define your goals and obtain an accurate valuation for the business. We partner with you also to address legal and tax implications and effectively manage the proceeds from the sale.

Executive compensation

To spur growth and advance your strategic objectives, it’s essential to understand the drivers of business success, business fundamentals, key goals, and the means of measuring success. Compliance issues must also be addressed and strategies have to be aligned to ensure a strong and competitive compensation plan for retaining and recruiting top talent.

Succession planning

A well-crafted succession strategy ensures a smooth transition while safeguarding your interests. Our comprehensive approach takes into account business valuations, buy/sell agreements, financing arrangements, financial statement audits, tax planning and more.

Deferred compensation

Our experience in this realm encompasses consulting and funding strategies, along with tailored communication and education strategies to keep participants informed throughout the duration of their employment.

Tax strategies

Most every action a business takes can have tax implications. We provide tax planning strategies that minimize your tax liability and help you keep more of what you earn. They’re even more effective at achieving your specific goals when integrated with the full spectrum of our services.

Insurance & annuity auditing/review

As time passes, life insurance policies and annuities that were once ideal for your circumstances may diminish in utility. Morgan Planning Group can determine if your life insurance policy is performing to its full potential by conducting a comprehensive life audit, the benefits of which can range from lower premium payments and increased coverage, to strengthened product guarantees and enhanced cash value accumulation. Similarly, we can assess the worth of your variable and fixed annuities. In many cases, the knowledge gained from the audit points the way to a better, more relevant solution that syncs more closely to your current needs.

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